LSU t-shirt wrong in many ways

By | June 15, 2012

Here’s a t-shirt made by some very illiterate LSU fans. The shirt is wrong for many obvious reasons and now it’s LSU fans acting inappropriately, not Alabama.

We’ll just let you form your own opinions.


LSU t-shirt about Penn State and Alabama with spelling error

HT Angelle

27 thoughts on “LSU t-shirt wrong in many ways

  1. Darnell

    Thats crazy that they want to do both. (notice that they used then and not than).

  2. Anonymous

    Maybe LSU should send some of their sports money to teaching students the difference between “then” and “than”.


    They can take a shower anywhere they want as long as they just TAKE one because they really stunk in the National Championship Game of 2012!!!

  4. LSU girl

    Ok so let’s just say that this was made obviously by a fan with a poor sense of humor. There are some really smart people at LSU and I’m sure that a football player didn’t make this. YES we did totally suck at the championship and I wish that I could say it was from the rumors of politics going around the city. It was a terrible game. To be honest, the majority of LSU fans love to play Alabama and welcome the fans and vice versa. There are a few bad seeds in each group and what happened to that guy on Bourbon is disgusting as well as Penn state conflict. And scene.

  5. the fun B

    Great example of the intelligence level of many “southern” people. So sad. So typical.

    1. Michael Post author

      Yep, because we are all illiterate morons in the south.

  6. Laureen Taylor

    FINE THEM! who would let them mass produce this? This disgusts me!L

    1. Michael Post author

      Who actually mass produced it? I believe it’s a one time shirt most probably made by a fan.

  7. Clem

    Disgusting! There should be a line drawn called dignity and respect!

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