Tennessee QB Tyler Bray displays accuracy by tossing bottles

By | July 25, 2012

Tennessee Volunteers quarterback Tyler Bray

Tennessee quarterback Tyler Bray displays throwing accuracy by tossing golf balls and beer bottles onto cars from a balcony.

Unfortunately we don’t have any video of the incident to judge just how accurate Bray was with the tosses, but from the sound of it, he hit his target.

Bray and a former UT Athletics office employee were observed tossing the bottles onto cars by Kristie Allen. Both Tyler Bray and the former employee were immediately served with eviction notices. No charges were filed by the victim of this heinous crime, and none will be as Bray has resolved the issue himself.

“The victim called us and said she no longer wishes to prosecute,” Knoxville Police Department spokesman Darrell DeBusk said today. “The suspect (Bray) reached out to her and told her he would take car of the damages to her vehicle.”

Odds are that Bray showed her his back tattoo and she caved.

Tennessee quarterback Tyler Bray back tattoo

Maybe Bray should consider getting a tat on the front too. Maybe like the one below.

whiteboy swag chest tattoo

Yes, this was just an excuse to post a picture of Bray’s back tat.

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