College Football

A Tennessee fan had this groom’s cake – Throw The Flag

Gene Chizik confirms Auburn QB Zeke Pike will transfer – College Football Talk

Greg Reid was dismissed from the FSU football team – SB Nation

September is put up or shut up month for the ACC – CBS Sports

South Carolina quarterbacks just keep getting arrested – Mr SEC

There was an APB out on the LA Tech dog until… [Friends of The Program]

The LA Tech mascots death was covered up – Lost Lettermen

Other Sports

Bradley Wiggins celebrates his 7th gold medal by getting drunk – The Big Lead

Chuck Pagano makes fan take off a Steelers jersey – The Victory Formation

There is a bill that may allow Olympic medalists to not pay taxes that is being proposed – Larry Brown Sports

The Rest and Chicks

Project Morpheus begins testing at Kennedy Space Center – NASA

The best headphones are water guns you can buy on the market – Gizmodo

Would you drive the Porche Carrera GT? – Jalopnik

Biff Tannen does stand up comedy about his Back to the Future series

Nicole Lavella


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