Penn State announced Tuesday they will be changing the Nittany Lion’s historic uniforms. For years Penn State and Former Coach Joe Peterno kept Penn State’s jerseys simple. They sported white helmets, black shoes, blue or white uniforms, no decals or names. The Nittany Lion’s 2012 jerseys will include:

1. A blue ribbon will be worn to honor victims of child abuse.

2. Players’ last names will be displayed for the first time “in recognition of their resolve and dedication to the team and the university,” a news release reads.

This appears symbolic of a new Penn State reforming, regrouping, and rethinking what it means to be Penn State. Current head coach Bill O’Brien met with team leaders and they agreed upon the changes. Will we get a glimpse of the new jerseys on Thursday during Penn State’s media days?

“We want our fans to know and recognize these young men,” O’Brien said in a statement. “They have stuck together during tough times, and I commend them for the leadership they have shown. Moving forward, I’m deeply committed to honoring Penn State’s traditions, while building a bright future for our football program.”

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