Tyrann Mathieu was dismissed from the team last Friday, and the rumors of where he’ll end up have been circulating since.

Mathieu has visited McNeese State and met with their coaches, but has not decided on transferring just yet because he wants to see if he can stay at LSU and return for the 2013 season.

This could end up being a good thing for Mathieu and LSU both. LSU could drug test Mathieu the whole time he is enrolled and sitting out and Mathieu could still have the possibility of returning to an extremely high playing level with excellent coaching.

Mathieu has expressed that he is deeply sorry and wants to work on maturing both on and off the field.

Here is LSU’s drug policy on third positive tests. It appears that Mathieu is eligible to return to the Tigers after sitting out a year, but that the Athletic Director and Coach must be on board. We expect that Les Miles, being the good guy that he is, would be on board with a second chance for Mathieu, but would Joe Alleva?

3. Third Violation

1. Athlete is given the opportunity to have their frozen “B” sample re-tested by a NCAA approved
lab at their own expense and will have the Right of Rebuttal to explain any extenuating
circumstances. The athlete has 48 hours from the time of the positive test notification to
request a re-test of the “B” sample.

2. Head Coach is notified.

3. Athlete and ADAP Administrator sign a contract statement, acknowledging the third positive
test and the consequences thereof.

4. Athlete meets with ADAP staff psychologist or associated medical services for evaluation and
information gathering purposes.

5. Parent or guardian will be notified by either student-athlete (in presence of LSU representative)
or coach or counselor

6. Up to one-year suspension from all athletic related activities (team practices, weight room,
team running, etc…) pending reinstatement by treatment team and head coach.

7. One-year suspension from competition. Scholarship during this period of time is at the
discretion of the Athletic Director and Head Coach and dependent upon a negative drug screen
and compliance with ADAP program. Reinstatement after the one-year period is with the
support of the ADAP treatment team and Athletic Director and at the request of the Head
Coach, dependent upon negative drug screen.

8. Any Third Violation Case may be appealed at the written request of the Head Coach detailing
the reason(s) for the request.

9. The Administrative Voting Committee will be made up of the Athletic Director, Associate
Athletic Director, the ADAP Administrator, Drug Prevention Coordinator, and Head Athletic
Trainer. In cases where a student-athlete has exhausted his/her eligibility to compete in a sport,
a partial committee may be assembled at the discretion of the Athletic Director.

10. If after review the committee allows the restoration of a Third Violation case, the restoration
will be based on full compliance of all Athletic Department rules and regulations for the

LSU Compliance

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