I don’t know if anyone else is happy with this, but I love the idea of Leach in the PAC 12. I’m totally impressed with Washington State and this move. After their past few coaching hires, Leach will bring in a name that will garner some attention from recruits. Leach’s offense should cause problems for the PAC 12’s defenses once he finds the right QB, and he already has a freshman that has a pretty good arm in Connor Halliday, who won offensive freshman of the week in his first start two weeks ago.

Wazzu fired coach Paul Wulff after a horrendous 4 seasons where he led the Cougars to only 9 wins. Wazzu has had a few big name coaches in their history. Coaches like Jackie Sherill (1 year 3-8 record), who went on to win at Texas A&M and had mild success at Mississippi State, Dennis Erickson (2 years 12-10-1), not much to say there, and Mike Price (14 years 83-78), who was more famously known for his strip club debacle BEFORE becoming the head coach at Alabama.

Leach has only been a head coach at one school, Texas Tech from 2000 – 2009, and has never won less than 7 games in a season, with 11 wins being the most in 2008.

Leach was fired following the 2009 season for supposedly locking Adam James in a closet during practice. #FireCraigJames There has been rampant debate over that topic since his firing.

All Wazzu fans would probably just be happy with a bowl appearance. Their last one was the 2003 Holiday Bowl, that they won over Texas 28-20.

Not to mention, kids may not mind being locked in a closet in Washington, may get them out of the wind and cold for a little while.



The Pirate is back!


And because we’ve disinterested you with Washington State stuff AGAIN, here’s some WazZOO talent (not sure how much of that there is up there in Pullman).

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