Temple Owls head coach Steve Addazio

It’s very apparent, according to the video below, that the Temple Owls consider themselves underestimated in the grand scheme of all things Big East. Temple did JUST join the Big East this season, so really what are we to expect from a MACtion team that played a different kind of MACtion football?

The Owls went 9 – 4 last season and they won’t let you forget that they’ve had 26 wins over the last three seasons and were New Mexico Bowl champions last season.

Last season the Owls played three quarterbacks and all of them threw for more than 400 yards and a total of 11 TDs. That’s pretty bad for MAC football, where passing is not really optional (9 quarterbacks in the MAC threw for more than 2000 yards last season, 13 for more than 1400) .

The Owls did lose conference leading rusher and the sixth leading rusher in the nation (1481 yards & 27 TDs) Bernard Pierce, but they do return their second leading rusher (916 yards & 6 TDs) Matt Brown.

I do have to point out that using Bane’s voice as Steve Addazio’s is a nice touch.

Fun fact: Temple was 7th in the nation in rushing last season.
Fun fact part two: Temple was 116th in passing.

via Owlsforthewin

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