USC may face another impermissible benefits investigation

USC Trojans running back Joe McKnight According to a story in the LA Times, Joe McKnight was mentioned as receiving impermissible benefits while enrolled and playing for the University of Southern California.

As the Times reported, the allegations surfaced during an investigation into the L.A. County assessor’s office when a key figure mentioned that he gave cash and thousands of dollars worth of perks to two USC players.

The allegations are contained among hundreds of Scott Schenter’s county work emails that suggest the former appraiser provided football star Joe McKnight with a car and an airline ticket, and basketball player Davon Jefferson with about $3,700 in cash.

McKnight was already been investigated by the USC Athletic Department in 2009 because he was seen driving a $27,000 Land Rover (got the cheaper one?) registered to Schenter. USC says that they turned over all documents from their findings to the NCAA and no penalties were handed down.

This puts USC back in the spotlight for the wrong reasons at the wrong time. The Trojans are entering their first season off of a two-year probationary period for the Reggie Bush sanctions and are predicted to have one of the better seasons in college football.

[LA Times]

  • Do you think paying athletes salaries would prevent this cheating? I don’t think so. Professional athletes are paid well and some of them cheat. A bad apple is a bad apple.

  • Dale

    No, only Penn State gets the ax from the NCAA, not USC.

  • Greg Brusewitz

    And the Golden Child will probably not see a thing from it. Don’t get me wrong, I was going to attend USC but, went in the Army instead. But, if other schools are penalized with lost scholarships and bowl bans so should USC if that’s what other schools have received under the same circumstances. Punishments need to be leveled equally just as they should be in all of society.

  • Oschool1946

    new rule for USC sports dept for all sports any athletic who attends USC on a sports scholarship then later finds out that player broke this rule of receiving special benefits of any kind should have there scholarship forfited and if they already left the school to persuit a professional career ( NFL ) they should be made to pay the school all cost for attending that unversity even to the point where the unversity could garnish there checks they kown they are breaking a rule but they don’t care they are just thinking of there own self also any agent who is found doing this should lose there licence for a year and find 1 year scholarship payment

  • bonesmccoy

    Not only has USC been punished by NCAA, but the kids being punished had nothing to do with the infractions in 2004. They were in elementary school when those events occured.

  • bonesmccoy

    LA Times intentionally and willfully chooses to ignore the fact that Scott Schenter is a U W Husky and was willfully trying to frame USC.

    Jack Dolan, Ruben Vives and Gary Klein are the Times staff writers who penned the column published on September 1, 2012 currently titled “Figure in assessor’s scandal says he gave gifts to 2 USC athletes”.

    This story now qualifies as one of the poorest written stories in several years. In fact, it makes me rather upset to read the story and the accompanying emails.,0,2443371,full.story

    LA Times not only leaves out the above information, but deliberately appears to have left out key information from the emails the paper obtained. The emails can be downloaded at:
    Go to page 14 of the LA Times document, an email that starts with “Neil, I hope things are going great with you.”

    The SECOND LINE of the FIRST PARAGRAPH of the email says, “I am eyeing the college football season and anticipating my Huskies at 0-8…I will be the one with the purple “Bag” on my head.” He’s clearly a Huskie fan.

    There’s more on this scum bag. He writes “a bigger project might be in the City of Huntington Park…the mayor actually works in the Assessor’s office”. Instead of the LA Times trying to fabricates new headlines with old stories, perhaps these reporters might want to investigate the Mayor of Huntington Park who works in the same office with Schenter and seems to be advocating for a lights project at tax payer expense!

    Reading further in this email, Schenter writes “I just finished talking with the compliance department…” and “USC said no it was against NCAA rules”. LA Times writers missed this from their published report and the LA Times Editor failed to review the supporting documents for the story..

    Schenter writes, “USC said you couldn’t put pictures of any player on my bus. What are they going to do to me?…I am going to do this… They or the NCAA have no authority over me. I can put what I want on my bus.”

    Schenter also writes, “Just think of the publicity or Probation USC.”

    He also writes, “USC Sucks!”

    Not exactly a booster huh? This stuff is so bad, that I’m thinking of calling LA Times myself to investigate their journalists and what their motives were for publishing this hit piece. It seems more like a political hit piece than actual journalism.