Florida quarterback Trey Burton calls Tennessee “Front runners”

By | September 17, 2012

Florida’s Trey Burton hasn’t been the starter for the Gators for the last two games, but Saturday night he proved why the Gators need him more than ever.

Out of his three touches on Saturday, two went for touchdowns. Burton’s three carries totaled 91 yards. Not only that, Burton lined up and caught two passes for 38 yards.

After the game Saturday Burton said the following:

“They’re front-runners,” said Trey Burton, one of Saturday night’s heroes. “They talk a lot and as soon as we got up a little their fans starting leaving.”

Lets just say that the Gators may have found the answer to a sluggish offense they were experiencing during the first half, Burton’s play ignited Jeff Driskel who went on to finish the game 14 – 20 for 219 yards and 2 touchdowns where as Bray threw the ball 44 times and lost the game.

This makes back-to-back games that Gator coach Will Muschamp has made some outstanding halftime adjustments.

Here’s Burton’s 80 yard touchdown run.

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