San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl – TCU Horned Frogs vs Louisiana Tech Bulldogs

By | December 19, 2011

TCU (10-2) vs Louisiana Tech (8-4)

Are you kidding me? Could this bowl game be named anything better? Maybe we could have just gotten Poinsettia Bowl and left off all the other stuff at the beginning and said sponsored by the San Diego County Credit Union. Makes for a nice hashtag though #SanDiegoCountyCreditUnionPoinsettiaBowl.

On to the game. Both TCU and Louisiana Tech have had pretty good seasons. TCU being just on the outside of the BCS in the final standings probably would have been in a BCS game had they not lost to SMU earlier in the season. TCU still had the win over Boise State that kept them undefeated in the Mountain West and Boise out of the BCS. Something I’m sure the Horned Frogs were happy to do.

Louisiana Tech, on the other hand, has suffered quite a few losses that were to be expected (Southern Miss, Houston, Miss State, and Hawai’i). Tech did have some good wins over Ole Miss, Fresno State, and Nevada finishing 6-1 and on top of the WAC.

This should make for an entertaining game.

Key Players:

Is there any question who the key player for TCU is? Casey Pachall is the only name you need to know when watching this game. Yes, TCU does have a few playmakers around Pachall, but the offense revolves around the sophomore quarterback. Pachall has 2700 passing yards, 24 TDs, and only 6 INTs on the season. He will clearly need to have a decent game for the Horned Frogs to win.

On the other side of the ball, Louisiana Tech has had a few changes this season at quarterback. Nick Isham started the season for the Bulldogs, but after facing several tougher teams that obviously held him back, Isham was benched for Colby Cameron, who has been successful and hasn’t lost a game as a starter. Cameron has started just 5 games, but has 1400 yards and 11 TDs and only 2 INTs, which will be critical against TCU’s defense. If Cameron can connect on most of his passes, the Bulldogs will have a pretty good shot.


With TCU leaving for the Big 12 next season, they will be looking to enter the conference coming off of a bowl win. Not to say that any other year would be different, but I expect Peterson to have his team ready to go. Louisiana Tech won’t be able to keep up with TCU’s defense all over them.

TCU 34 – Louisiana Tech 24


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