I know patience in the SEC is an oxymoron.” – Kirk Herbstreit.

Two years after winning a National Title, elements of Auburn’s fan base are furious about the current state of the program. A montage of Auburn fanatics calling Tiger head coach Gene Chizik “a clown” after a 1-2 start this year was followed by the above response from ESPN’s Herbstreit.

Show some appreciation Tiger fans” – Desmond Howard


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  • Ginger

    I can understand that fans shouldn’t be so impatient and should give coaches a chance. However, the problem with AU is that 1, they only won the championship because they had Cam Newton, not because the coach was that good, 2 their fans always compare the team to Bama and want to win like Bama always has traditionally. Just not going to happen!

  • http://yardbarker.com charles

    tommy tuberville beat bama like a drum,every time we needed him he was there,were did we leave him when he done so much good for AUBURN. Juast sayin we are to hard on the coach,looks like we needed to keep cordinators better than we have to.

  • http://yardbarker.com charles

    And ginger was right on one thing Cam Newton gave bama 24 points,and only played a half of a game and still beat them. But no AUBURN fan i know wants to be like bama ever. We are above that,we just need to show it.