Isaiah Stokes is a huge 8th grade football player

Don’t believe me when I say huge? Take a look at the picture.

Stokes is the little brother of Tennessee basketball player Jarnell Stokes.

Stokes is listed at 6’7, 225 lbs, which seems like a tiny advantage when compared to the kid he’s chasing in the picture below who looks to be around 5′, 140 lbs. Stokes is currently being recruited by Tennessee.

Isaiah Stokes 8th grade football player brother of Jarnell Stokes Tennessee basketball player

[HT SaturdayDownSouth]

  • whatever

    no way could he play against my kid!

  • JEBUS!

  • This picture belongs in a “Ripley” believe it or not. I would like to see video of this kid because he looks a little awkward in that particular shot. Love the picture though, “lol.”

  • Rich Green

    AS much as I believe all kids have the right to play. C’mon…use some common sense here. Why does this kid even want to play with others kids who are 5′ tall 120lbs. Do you want your son or daughter getting tackled by him? Yeah I know he cant help what his height is. But its just not fair to the other kids. You have to look at the whole picture. Not just the feelings of one.

    • travis

      Big picture? You need a c’mon Man, your thoughts on this topic are exactly what’s wrong with our country. You know who else looked out for the greater good? Hitler. Yea I went there. If your sissy kids can’t handle it then have them sit out. I can’t believe that someone could honestly suggest “its not fair”, neither is life, theres always gonna be someone bigger, stronger, faster, you just deal and overcome. He’s done nothing wrong, even though you said this, it contradicts what your overall feelings are and thus proving your douchieness because you know what’s right, you just dont like it. Get over it.

  • Lee

    Nothing new. We have a kid here in Port Orchard, Washington that goes to Marcus Whitman Jr High who is 6’6 and weighs 241lbs. He is only in 8th grade and extremely athletic. He to dunks the ball.

  • Jeff Martin

    Gives a new meaning to “Run Forrest, Run!!”

  • aaron ford

    kid should be playing varsity football to even the playing field sorta speak

  • David E. Canady

    That is huge… but he better be a basketball player ‘cos football is in a big mess… I still seek for new tennis player where we lack of… in America.

  • Had to see for myself to believe it, amazing!!!