Florida State Seminole head coach Jimbo Fisher after beating ClemsonThe Florida State Seminoles are currently 4 – 0 and are rolling along in the ACC. They are led by senior quarterback E.J. Manuel, who is currently 69 of 94 for 905 yards and 8 touchdowns. Manuel is having a Heisman season and there doesn’t seem to be anyone who can stop him from continuing down that path.

His coach Jimbo Fisher doesn’t believe in the Heisman though. Fisher thinks the Heisman is a popularity contest.

“Like I say, that’s for show dogs. If you want to parade him around and do all that, I’d rather have a hunting dog. When I let him out that truck, he’s ready to go,” Fisher said. “I think that’s what he is and I think he understands that. He’s mature enough to understand that.”

To an extent Fisher is right. Last season Robert Griffin III won the Heisman, but the award probably should have gone to Andrew Luck.

Fisher didn’t stop there though, he went on to say that if Manuel were to win the Heisman it would be great for him.

“That’s all great, but that’s not for him to decide. For him to decide is what kind of teammate he’s going to be, what kind of leader he’s going to be and how he’s going to go each week.”

Manuel understands that the Heisman isn’t the most important and that focusing on winning is the best thing for him to do right now.

“Personal accolades are one thing, but you’ve as a team got to win,” Manuel said. “Nobody’s gonna really care about personal accolades unless you’re winning. We’ve just got to keep winning and playing well.”


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