Nebraska Cornhuskers Athletic Director Tom OsborneTom Osborne’s legacy is very well-known. Osborne began his time at Nebraska in 1964 as an assistant and became head coach in 1973. He coached the Cornhuskers  until 1997 when he retired from coaching. In Osborne’s final 5 seasons with Nebraska his record was a staggering 60 – 3.

Osborne says he will advise in the search for a new AD and will help with the transition.

“At some point, whether you’re able to function or not, the perception that you’re getting old can get in the way,” Osborne said. “I don’t want to be one of those guys everybody is walking around wringing their hands about, what are they going to do with him. That happens sometimes.”

Osborne grew and bred a culture at Nebraska and while his time as an AD will be very appreciated, it’s his time as head coach that most fans will remember and Osborne thanked them in his announcement.

“We worked hard on the culture and part of that has not just been internal. We’ve tried to make this a place where former players feel good about coming back,” said Osborne. “Whatever we’ve accomplished couldn’t happen if we didn’t have a united fan base. It would be hard to find one equal to our fans around the country. It enables a program in a state of 1.8 million to be competitive with programs in densely populated areas.”

Osborne won back-to-back national championships in 1994 and 1995 and those two teams remain the only teams to do so with undefeated records. Osborne’s overall winning percentage of .836.

He is a member of the College Football Hall of Fame and a Jim Thorpe award winner.

After his coaching career Osborne was a member of the House of Representatives until 2006.

In October of 2007 Osborne was named Athletic Director at Nebraska and about a month later he fired coach Bill Callahan.

His presence within the University of Nebraska will be missed.

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