West Virginia Mountaineers students burning couchesAs the West Virginia Mountaineers formally begin their new journey in the Big 12 the school is hoping to make a good impression. One way NOT to make a good impression is to allow your students to burn couches as the visitors are trying to leave.

Back in March the city announced that anyone caught burning couches would have felony charges brought against them and most likely prison time.

“We tried to handle it on a local level . . . but unfortunately, it has not been a deterrent, for whatever reason,” Capt. Tennant said. “The collective decision is to take a more serious approach.”

“If someone throws a bag of trash in the street and sets it on fire, they’re looking at a $1,000 fine,” Chief Preston said. “If they set a Dumpster on fire, they’re looking at a third-degree arson charge and one to three years in prison.” [Post Gazette]

So to help students understand, the West Virginia student government has made this handy video explaining the downside of burning couches in Morgantown.



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