It now appears Montee Ball wasn’t supposed to receive the fumbled handoff of Wisconsin’s final possession against Nebraska. During the 4th and 1, 4th quarter play in the final two minutes of the Badger’s B1G season Wisconsin’s QB Danny O’Brien handed off the ball to 2011 Heisman Trophy finalist who never secures the football. The football bounces off Ball’s body, onto the ground and was recovered by Nebraska to secure the Cornhusker win.

Nebraska Offensive Coordinator Matt Canada has revealed, “It was a designed run for Danny (O’Brien),” Canada said. “Obviously, somehow he got confused. It was certainly a designed keep.”

“We had time to talk, make a decision,” Canada said. “We still had a timeout, we were going to save the timeout. The call was for (O’Brien) to definitely keep it.

“If there was a discrepancy, if there was any miscommunication, that falls on me. I’m not shunning that part of it. We felt like it was communicated. Obviously, that’s what Montee thought but Danny didn’t.”

O’Brien claims he made the decision to hand off to Montee Ball instead of running the bootleg based upon a read of the Nebraska’s cornerback and safety. Watch the play in question in the video below.

h/t Sports Madison

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