Auburn’s Chizik apologizes to fans, feels his seat get a little warmer

By | October 8, 2012

Auburn Tigers head coach Gene Chizik during 2012 Arkansas Razorbacks gameAfter Auburn’s terrible 24 – 7 loss to Arkansas this past weekend, Gene Chizik’s seat is extremely warm and he knows it. The Tigers are 1 – 4 this season with their only win coming against Louisiana-Monroe in overtime. The Tigers are ranked 113th in total offense and dead last at 120th in turnover margin.

In his post-game press conference, coach Chizik apologized to the fans.

Auburn fans and family do not deserve this today, I apologize to anyone who came to watch it. I felt like we had two good weeks of practice. Today, we did all the things you can’t do and win. Offensively, (it was) one of the most poor performances I’ve seen in a long time.

Chizik may need to improve his offense very quickly. He was a questionable hire for the Tigers coming from Iowa State with a record of 5 – 19. (who would risk that?)

Chizik’s overall record at Auburn is currently 31 – 14, but take away the Newton year and it’s 17 – 15. Not to mention, Chizik’s conference record is 15 and 12 INCLUDING the Newton year.

Chizik had more to say in his Sunday teleconference.

It was pretty much what everybody saw. Offensively, it was glaring there was an inability to run the ball effectively. When we had to throw the football, we were very poor in protection…there were different reasons for it, all the results were the same.

We’ve got to settle in on having an identity and being who we are. I feel like we’ve skipped around on that.

I really want to spend some time over there, and trying to get focused in on what we’re trying to do and get accomplished. We have to evaluate everything offensively.

Auburn fans are getting a little impatient, even if Kirk Herbstreit is calling them clowns. With a coach like Bobby Petrino lurking as a viable candidate to take the job, coach Chizik may need to pull out a miracle.

Chizik’s buyout is currently $7.5 million and drops to $5 million in 2013, $3.5 million in 2014, and $0 in 2015.

Auburn did pay Tommy Tubberville $5 million when they fired him.

It may be time for the Tigers to consider parting ways with Chizik.