9 million reasons Tennessee won’t get rid of Derek Dooley

By | October 25, 2012

Tennessee Volunteers head coach Derek Dooley

Tennessee head coach Derek Dooley isn’t having the best season and while many think that last weekend sealed his fate as Tennessee’s head coach, they may be wrong.

As Evan Woodbery of the Knoxville News-Sentinel states, if Tennessee were to fire Dooley and his assistants, they would have to pay “at least $5.6 million dollars, and perhaps as much as $9.3 million over the next 4 years”. Only one of Dooley’s 9 on-field assistants have multiyear contracts.

Coach Dooley would be owed $102,040 per month through 2016

Offensive Coordinator Jim Chaney would be owed $645,000 spread out till December 2013

For both Dooley and Chaney, their contracts are guaranteed, so no matter whether or not they find employment immediately doesn’t matter, they will be getting paid.

Add to the mix that Defensive Coordinator Sal Sunseri is owed $1.84 million through 2015 and the university’s new $45 million dollar athletic facility, Tennessee may want to rethink giving Dooley another year.

It may not be the most popular decision in Knoxville, but it may be the best one for the Vols at the end of the season, that is unless Gruden decides he wants to coach college ball.