CBS announcer Gary DanielsonCBS announcer Gary Danielson may be slightly biased towards the SEC.

Danielson believes a 1-loss SEC team should be in the national title game over an undefeated Notre Dame or Kansas State.

“My personal tiebreaker is that a conference championship game has to stand for something.  I would penalize Notre Dame for not playing in a conference championship.  So after Alabama, my first nod would be to Oregon, since its conference has earned respect, then Kansas State and only then Notre Dame…

You’d have to put (a once-beaten Alabama team) in the discussion, because they’ve earned it given what the conference has accomplished.”

If this happened the uproar would be greater than last years when both LSU and Alabama met for the second time in the title game.

If LSU beats Alabama on Saturday, the one loss team that goes to the SEC Championship game from the SEC West wouldn’t be Alabama, so I’m not positive where Danielson is trying to go with his comments. Maybe he’s suggesting that Alabama will beat LSU this week and then lose to … Auburn? Ha! Or maybe he’s thinking LSU will win this weekend and lose to Ole Miss or Arkansas.


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