These coaches are on the hottest of hot seats.

Southern Mississippi – Ellis Johnson

Southern Mississippi Golden Eagles head coach Ellis Johnson

It’s hard to take over a team that went 12 – 2 last season and turn that team into a winless 0 – 9 team. If Ellis Johnson returns next season, it’ll be a miracle. No one has done less with what the previous coach had given him. Even though quarterback Austin Davis is gone there is absolutely no way that this team should lose to Marshall, Rice, and UAB.

Auburn – Gene Chizik

Auburn Tigers head coach Gene Chizik

The Auburn coach can’t seem to squeak out a win over anyone. Maybe that 5 – 16 record at Iowa State probably should have had a little more significance in his hiring? Who’s to say that some other coach couldn’t have paid recruited Cam Newton to sign with the Tigers and won a BCS title with him. Auburn fans may need to forget that title because Chizik is heading the wrong way. Either way, Chizik may end up getting one more year to try and turn things around while Auburn waits for his buyout to drop to 5 million.

Tennessee – Derek Dooley

Tennessee Volunteers head coach Derek Dooley

Dooley’s seat was warm when he was hired and he’s never really been given a fair chance by Vols fans, now that they are 4 – 5, not that bad really when compared to Gene Chizik’s 2 – 7 above, the Tennessee fans are ready for a change. I would expect Dooley to get one more year in Tennessee to put him at 4 seasons and see if his 4th can be turned around, but that may not happen if the right people say no.

Iowa – Kirk Ferentz

Iowa Hawkeyes head coach Kirk Ferentz

The second most overpaid coach, behind Mack Brown, in college football lost to Indiana last weekend. Yes the Hawkeyes have suffered some pretty significant injuries on offense, but Indiana? Really? Even though Ferentz reached 100 wins this season in his time at Iowa, the Hawkeyes probably should start looking around with guys like Meyer, Hoke, Pelini, and Bielema having success in the B1G.

Kentucky – Joker Phillips


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