USC Trojans head coach Lane Kiffin

Lane Kiffin’s play calling at the end of the USC vs Notre Dame game was absolutely atrocious.

USC was down by one score with 5:58 left in the 4th quarter and a shot to beat the number 1 Irish.

Kiffin started the drive with a great pass from first start freshman Max Wittek to Marqise Lee for 53 yards to the Notre Dame 2 yardline, that’s right, THE TWO.

USC then committed a false start and was pushed back to the 7 still with 1st and goal.

Kiffin then chose to throw two passes to the left side of the end zone, both times KeiVarae Russell of Notre Dame interfered, which now looks like genius, and the ball was moved to the 2 yard line and then the 1 yard line.

USC Trojans quarterback Max Wittek

Max Wittek

With the ball on the 1 yard line and 1st down, Kiffin then chose to attempt two quarterback sneaks with Wittek, a rush up the middle with Curtis McNeal, and a roll out pass to the right to freshman fullback Soma Vainuku who dropped the ball on a tough pass to catch.

“We had a shot,” Trojans Coach Lane Kiffin said late Saturday.

“You’ve got to make those plays,” Kiffin said. “You’d like to think (with) that many snaps, you could score a touchdown,” Kiffin said.

Is Lane blaming Wittek for the loss?

Watch for yourself as USC runs 3 straight up the middle and then drops a pass to lose the game against the Irish.

[LA Times]

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  • AP

    USC was still down two scores at the point for the record. And given the way they couldn’t stop ND from running the ball all game long, they probably would’ve needed an onside kick even if they had scored on that possession.

  • C F Giddings

    USC was down two scores at that time.

  • C F Giddings

    Also Russel plays for ND. He was defending on the two interference passes.