LSU Tigers head coach Les Miles

There was a rumor that Les Miles had an offer on the table from Arkansas in the range of 5 years and $27 million. The initial source of the rumor should have been enough to tell you that Miles never actually had an “offer”.

Yesterday Miles did confirm that he met with Arkansas AD Jeff Long, but more so out of respect for his long-time friend and colleague.

Miles also confirmed that he didn’t receive any offer at that time and that he hopes to remain at LSU for as long as he can. Miles was offered a 7 year extension by the Tigers, which he accepted. The new contract is estimated to pay Miles around $4.3 million a year.

“The Arkansas issue was a sincere one,” Miles said. “There’s a colleague and friend of mine over the years that is the athletic director there, so I have a great respect for how he conducts business. Our conversations were very preliminary, and fell short of any major interest. I kind of recommended other candidates and spoke to him. I did not speak to Jerry Jones. The view of five years and $27 million is not true.

“I can tell you that I very much respect those Razorbacks and how they played in that last game, but I’m an LSU head coach and will be an LSU head coach for as long as I can be. We’ve done some special things here, and it’s nice that the administration recognize that and say, ‘Coach, we want you to be here.

“Seven years is long tenure. I am fortunate to have that commitment from a great institution and great school as LSU.”

But we all know the real reason Miles didn’t consider the Arkansas job.

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