Cincinnati Bearcats athletic director Whit Babcock with new head coach Tommy Tuberville

As we speculated Monday, Cincinnati is looking for a way out of the Big East and most probably lured Tuberville in with the promise of a move in the near future.

Emails obtained by The Enquirer show that Cincy is indeed looking for a way out of the Big East before it crumbles.

“Big 10 and ACC moves … could cause Big 12 perhaps to rethink staying at 10 schools,” UC Athletic Director Whit Babcock emailed to President Santa Ono on Nov. 18, before the ACC announced its decision. “We need to focus on both ACC (primarily) but also Big 12.”

The Bearcats apparently even tried to enlist the help of Cincinnati alum and current Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer to lobby their case to the ACC and Big 12.

“While he is comfortable telling folks he cares deeply for UC and that he knows we are a great school, with great people and great leadership, he thinks his calls would feel contrived and that they would not have an impact,” wrote Gigi Escoe, a vice provost at UC and Meyer’s sister, to Babcock Nov. 27.

While the ACC is still the top choice for the Bearcats, it’s safe to say that they’ll jump at the first invite they get to a major conference … if one comes.


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