Johnny Manziel is out to win points on all levels.

He’s conquered the die hard football level with the Heisman.
He defeated the late night shows with his Top 10 on Letterman, which wasn’t that good.
He proved that quarterbacks do get the girls, both models and actresses.
He sat courtside at a Mavericks game, which sparked all kinds of ridiculous questions about how he obtained the tickets.

Now Manziel has moved on to celebrity band members.

Manziel apparently went golfing with Joe Jonas and Nick Jonas.

Texas A&M Aggies quarterback Johnny Manziel with Jonas brothers

While I personally don’t know anything about the Jonas brothers, Nick Jonas does have 5.3 million twitter followers for whatever that’s worth.

Nick Jonas tweet about Johnny Manziel golf

The Jonas brothers are from Texas … according to Google.

[HT DrSat]

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