Notre Dame keeps Rolling out the shirts: Golden Domers vs Mobile Homers

Notre Dame and Alabama face off on January 7th for the BCS title, and one team’s fans seem to be doing quite a bit of talking.

The school has already released a shirt in the state of Alabama at Auburn asking for support from Tiger fans, then the fans took up the fight by releasing a shirt poking fun at the south and now they have continued the talk with the shirt seen below.

Notre Dame 2012 shirt Golden Domers vs Mobile Homers

[HT DieHardSport]

  • lmills
  • jamesdog

    Wonder what they’ll come up with when Bama kicks their asses?

  • Does it make you feel good to put down mobile home owners? Does it make you feel good to make kids who see this feel bad about their lives? You get pleasure by putting down a very large segment of the population who may live in any state in the U.S…. Maybe you would rather that they live off of the gov. than do the best that they can on their own. You make me sick in that you get pleasure by putting any other human being down for their status. Both of my children were raised in a mobile home and later a nice home that we built when we got to the level of income that we could afford it. Both were honor students and productive members of society to this day. I am not a BAMA fan but I hope they give you the azz whipping that you deserve and from the games that I have watched, you better play your absolute best and hope that BAMA doesn’t. You are not in the same league as them and you think that you are even better people than them. How pitiful you are. Yeah, what are you gonna come up with???

  • Anonymous

    Have you done research at al for this article? The auburn shirt was released by auburn students. You keep saying Notre Dame is making these… Do you see licensing logos or stickers on anything? NO. obviously these are unauthorized, fan made shirts.

    • Michael

      The Auburn shirt was made in conjunction with Notre Dame’s permission, so yes, Notre Dame had a hand in that particular shirt. And if you actually read the post, you’d see that I specified FAN shirts for the other two and did not claim that they were released by Notre Dame. Please read before commenting. Thanks.

  • Robin

    Lighten up Glen…. its all in fun and attitudes like yours are why everything nowadays has to be politically correct.. I am proud to say I am not politically correct….

  • TheDeuce
  • Not-the-OP-Michael

    Geez Glenn. Cry me a river!