Manti Te'o "Play like you had a fake girlfriend die today" shirt

Original Deadspin Article

Out Sports
Is Manti Te’o gay? Girlfriend hoax has many people asking.

The Big Lead
Manti Te’o Told Interviewer Lennay Kekua Wrote Him Letters Through Stanford Game, 31 Days After She Died [UPDATE: Claimed He Got One Before Wake Forest]

The Big Lead
Lennay Kekua – Manti Te’o’s Fake, Dead Girlfriend – Was Real, Says Arizona Cardinals Fullback Reagan Mauia, Who Claims to Have Met Her

Deadspin’s Burke: Te’o story shows ‘diminished role’ of investigative journalism

USA Today (Dan Wolken)
Questions and answers in complicated Te’o plot

ESPN (Schap)
Story of Manti Te’o girlfriend a hoax

CBS Sports (Gregg Doyel)
Most unbelievable part of Te’o saga? Swarbrick’s trust in him

Yahoo! (Pat Forde)
Notre Dame presents believable explanation for Manti Te’o girlfriend hoax

Yahoo! (Dan Wetzel)
Legend of Manti Te’o's girlfriend: a tall tale everyone wanted to believe

Sports Illustrated (Michael Rosenberg)
Te’o girlfriend hoax filled with more questions than answers

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