Should college athletes be paid? While such a very controversial subject, sometimes when you see the numbers you have to think about the kids that don’t succeed at the next level of their sport or even the ones that don’t have another level of their sport.

Johnny Manziel is on pace to play in the NFL, especially with quarterbacks as short as Drew Brees having success and running quarterbacks becoming more coveted, but what if Manziel doesn’t play in the NFL? What if Manziel gets hurt in the first game of the season, God forbid, next year and his career ends then? What does he walk away with after netting Texas A&M $37 million dollars?

Texas A&M recently conducted a study that estimates the amount of money made off of Manziel’s media exposure to be around the $37 million mark.

The university recently retained the services of a renowned sports and sponsorship evaluation company to measure the media exposure generated by the football team’s historic finish and quarterback Johnny Manziel winning the 2012 Heisman Trophy. Research conducted by Joyce Julius & Associates ( shows that the redshirt freshman winning the prestigious trophy produced more than 1.8 million media impressions, which translates into $37 million in media exposure for Texas A&M.

Media impressions, the company officials explain, include news mentions from print, television and internet sources. The figures do not reflect increases from merchandise sales, ticket requests or donations to the school, all of which historically have risen dramatically at schools that have produced a Heisman Trophy winner. The Collegiate Licensing Company has calculated a five-year average growth in sales and royalties of 27.5 percent based on the past five Heisman winners.

“We’ve long known that winning the most coveted trophy in sports attracts a great deal of media coverage, but this study gives us a much better understanding of the extent of the impact of the accomplishments of Coach Kevin Sumlin, Johnny Manziel and the entire team during the memorable season we just completed,” says Eric Hyman, Texas A&M’s athletic director. “The study validates how winning the Heisman Trophy truly does capture the national spotlight, and it’s a great way to start our membership in the SEC, which provides unparalleled visibility for our university.”

The study shows that television exposure totaled more than $7.6 million, print exposure was $7.5 million and internet news totaled $20.5 million in media value. Also, the report reveals that some 26 USA Today articles referencing Texas A&M produced almost $1 million in media value from that outlet alone.

Obviously with the current rules Manziel will see zero of those dollars in his bank account. It’s tough to side with the people that believe college athletes shouldn’t get anything because they are already getting a free education folks when you see numbers like these.

I mean the math is simple.

Although what Manziel does earn is fame. Fame can do a lot for you…see the image below.

Johnny Manziel with hot girl

[study via Aggie Athletics, pic via BustedCoverage]

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