Oregon Hires Mark Helfrich as Head Coach

By | January 20, 2013

Mark Helfrich

The Oregon Ducks have hired Mark Helfrich to replace former head coach Chip Kelly. Helfrich, 39, is a life long Ducks supporter. His father, Mike Helfrich played offensive line for the Ducks in the 60’s. Mark Helfrich was an GA at Oregon under the tutelage of offensive coordinator Dirk Kotter. Helfrich joined Oregon’s staff as offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach in 2009.

One big question following the departure of Chip Kelly is whether the Ducks offense will remain at potent as it has been in recent years? Hiring Helfrich will likely be a step in the right direction. Helfrich is expected to retain much of the former Oregon staff including defensive coordinator Nick Aliotti. As for the offense, former Oregon QB Nate Costa told CBSSports.com in the fall of 2012,

“This is (Kelly’s) system, people know this, so they automatically think Helfrich has little input on what happens on Saturdays. This is simply not true. Helfrich doesn’t get half the credit he deserves. He is one of the smartest people in the college football world and has a great football mind. He has a large amount of involvement in the game-planning, scripting and coaching on a weekly basis. He may not call all the plays on game day but he has a high amount of input in what plays are called and why they are called.”

Mark Helfrich