Yes please. I’ve always enjoyed Leach as a coach. He’s entertaining and that’s what sports is about right?

Apparently Peter Berg has plans to make a documentary series about Leach that will air on HBO. I’d watch it, and I’m pretty sure there are a lot of other college football fans out there that would. Why not? Everyone knows about Leach and the Adam James story, and now that James’ dad is running for Senate the program could garner more attention if it sheds a negative light on Craig. We all know HBO doesn’t really care about controversy and who they upset, so this makes perfect sense.

“Berg had gotten to know Leach over the years after reaching out to him following a 60 Minutes story and a New York Times Magazine story. Berg brought him in for a Friday Night Lights cameo, and Leach actually came to Hollywood for a month to live with Berg two years ago and observe Hollywood.”

Berg told B&C, “I assume HBO will go for it because it will be really good. I don’t know why they wouldn’t. I was just fascinated with him.”

“I thought he would be the my way or highway type,” Brendan Malloy told B&C. Berg sent Malloy, who shot the Freddie Roach documentary series, to Pullman, Washington to spend a few days with Leach. “He wasn’t, but I think he gets interesting when something controversial happens.”

via B&C

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