Jim Harbaugh f-bomb [Saints-49ers]

While Nick Saban is still the main person that the University of Texas should be after when Mack Brown retires – if Mack Brown actually retires – he shouldn’t be the only person. Other names that have surfaced are slightly ridiculous. One of those names is San Francisco 49er’s head coach Jim Harbaugh. Harbaugh left the Stanford Cardinal 3 years ago to pursue his dream of coaching in the NFL and that culminated with a Super Bowl appearance last season against his brother and the Ravens.

Harbaugh was pestered at a press conference about the Texas opening, to which he gave many wonderful responses.

“Are you trying to be funny?” Harbaugh said, when asked when he is headed to Austin.

“I don’t ever talk about any job other than the one I have,” Harbaugh said, when asked about being linked to the Texas job.

Good luck with that one. Harbaugh ain’t leaving the NFL folks. Move on.

[via Mecury News]

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