Les Miles

2014 was an up and down year for the site. Due to other duties we had a pretty down summer and picked up back in the fall. There were times where weeks went by without a new post. Not anymore.

As you may have recently noticed, there are some changes happening. There will be more posting, I can’t say there will be more writing because a lot of the stuff is just going to be quick hitters, and we’re going to start branching out from just college football. The Audibles will show up at least 4 days a week and I suggest you click the links in them. If you like this site you’ll most probably like the stuff I link to.

College football will still be our number 1 priority, but we’re going to try to bring you new and interesting stuff from other sports. You’ll see NFL, NBA, MLB, college basketball, golf, hockey, and anything else we feel like posting.

Our goal is not to bring you an in-depth look at any one particular sport and a lot of stuff you’ll see other places because that’s how the internet works, but I promise if you keep checking in and subscribe to our RSS feed, Twitter feed, Facebook page, Google+ page, or Tumblr feed, you will see some stuff you haven’t seen elsewhere.

As always, you can keep up with the GIFs we make over at GIFSection.

Stay tuned, bear with us, and thanks for reading.

CFB Section staff

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