Spurrier detailed what type of coaches he is willing to accept into his program at South Carolina. These are some pretty interesting criteria. I will go ahead and say “no judgement” on my own part because, well, I haven’t been a Heisman winning QB and I’ve never won a National Championship at any sport, so who am I to question the Ole Ball Coach? But some of this stuff is a little out there. Maybe Steve is getting a little ornery in his day. A little less time on the NASCAR circuit and more time at Augusta may help with that. Who knows.

He did have South Carolina finish 8th this season, and second in the SEC East with a better record than the team that finished ahead of them.

First, you must not be a smoker why?

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Second, you must not be a fatty or sloppy.

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Here’s a little something I whipped up for the South Carolina folks.

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