First, let me put this out there. I am not the person researching all of this information. I do not have a personal vendetta against this guy. I am not getting paid by a major site to look up information and do research and track this guy down. I do believe that he needs to pay for what he did. Whether or not you agree, this did not take place in a Frat house, this took place in public in front of hundreds of people and now millions on the internet. The guy who has been violated has a right to press charges, and if he does not, the DA can proceed WITHOUT a victim if there is evidence against the perpetrator, which there is. So to all of you who will say, we in the media are ruining this guys life, get over it. The guy did this on his own and he was the star in a video he KNEW was being filmed. We want to know the name of that star. /End Rant

Teabagger On The Run

Deadspin and Friends of the Program have both run articles this morning about the Alabama fan that decided to expose himself and then press his stuff on the face of a passed out LSU fan at Krystal Burger in NOLA.

Deadspin stopped short of running the guys last name, but did release what information they had gathered and have reportedly given that information to NOLA police.

FOTP did not stop short, and published the name of Mr. Brian Downing.

The NOLA police have already issued a Wanted poster.

Here are all of the pictures of Mr. Downing.

via Deadspin: The other two identified in the video are Patrick Setterstrom and Ellen Cassin.

Here is the original video that has gotten this guy into some trouble. (I won’t put it up here because it is NSFW)

If you have any tips, send them to Deadspin – [email protected]

UPDATE Fox6 in Birmingham is reporting that the Russell County Sheriff has confirmed the name of the person of interest as Brian Downing. He is the Sheriff’s cousin. Fox6 also says that Mr Downing is on his way to New Orleans with his attorney.

UPDATE 1/20/12: Brian Downing turned himself in to NOLAPD. He has since posted bond at 10k. Mr. Downing is looking at 10 years despite what all of the Bama lawyers try to argue on their blogs.

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