DeSean Jackson, Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver, now has an Anaheim Angels tattoo on the back of his neck. That’s cool, Jackson was born in LA and played for Cal, so maybe he actually is an Angels fan. (We’re going to ignore the giant “JACKPOT” for now)

Wait, what’s that on the back of Jackson’s arm? I think it’s a Washington Nationals logo. Yep, it’s definitely a Washington Nationals logo. I mean I guess that’s ok since Washington D.C. is only about an hour from Philadelphia, although I believe the Phillies are located in … Philadelphia.

DeSean Jackson Nationals tattoo

So if you’ve made it this far, Jackson is from the west coast and LA so he can claim the Angels, but plays on the east coast near Washington D.C. where the Nationals are located so he can claim them too. Jackson also has a “SOUTH” tattoo and a “CENTRAL” tattoo, but at this point who cares, Jackson is clearly going to be walking MLB logo billboard soon.

DeSean Jackson South tattoo DeSean Jackson Central tattoo


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