Robert Downey Jr good bye

After much thought, this blog will cease to exist in its current state. The time has come. I’ve taken it as far as I can with the time I have but there’s just not enough time in the day to make the things I would like to make happen here actually happen. It wasn’t an easy decision by any means, but I’m hoping that the relief of knowing that I don’t HAVE to post something here will help with my anxiety regarding this site.

Here’s a handy FAQ with myself to help you realize what this means for the site.

Q: You’re quitting?
A: Yes. No, it means that the layout will change to something more simple and manageable and that there will definitely not be daily posts – that’s already started happening.

Q: When will the layout change?
A: Never thanks to a ridiculous law firm in New York. In the next month. (This one is for sale if you’d like to buy it. It was made from scratch and is one of a kind.)

Q: Will you post at all?
A: Nope. Yes, although I’m not sure the direction the site will go, there will be posts. They won’t be every day and will likely be highlights late at night or during college football season.

Q: What led to this decision?
A: 1) Time 2) Traffic 3) Time 4) A stupid law firm in New York

Q: Why did you decide to do this?
A: Because I currently have too much on my plate. It’s just not reasonable of me to think that I can run this place at full speed and manage the rest of the stuff I am actual responsible for.

Ok, calm down, it’s not like I’m a master wordsmith who can write longform. I’m the guy who does the other stuff that you normally don’t even see happening. Thanks for putting up with my terrible grammar and spelling (really don’t care).

The other site will continue to exist and will be upgraded and become primary soon ->

Thanks for visiting over the last 3 years.

Just another casualty of the blogosphere.

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