LSU Tiger fans have taken out an ad in the Baton Rouge news paper The Advocate. The ad thanks Jarrett Lee for his contributions to the Tigers 13-1 season, takes a shot at Georgia, and maybe a small stab at Les Miles for not having played Lee in the BCS Championship game.

It reads as follows:

Thank You Jarrett Lee!
We, the faithful fans of the LSU Fighting Tigers, will never forget you and the significant contributions you made to us, to your teammates, to your team and to Louisiana State University.

You stepped up with a steady hand as quarterback this past year to lead your teammates through adversity, off-the-field turmoil, and controversy on the way to a 9-0 run as a starter.

Your play set the table for one of the greatest regular season records in LSU history. The team won 12 games, eight over “top 25″ ranked teams (five of those “away”) then crushed Georgia for the SEC Conference Title and a 13-win season.

As fans, we admired the class and patience you projected as your playing time dwindled and then vanished. Of course, we were devastated by the bitter Alabama defeat in the BCS Championship Game, and many wondered if you might have had some success if called upon.

But you once made a statement about being a better person for simply having played at LSU, staying patient and always being prepared.

Certainly, you have had an impact on “LSU Tiger Fans”, and perhaps, by example, you have made us better people also.

We all wish you the best, whether it is a possible pro football career or any other endeavor you undertake: Louisiana LSU fans!

Ad in Baton Rouge paper thanking Jarrett Lee

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  • Johnny R. Fatheree

    I want to thank Jarrett Lee as well. An an avid LSU fan, I want to also thank you for all your contributions to the LSU Football team. Football will end, but a man's character lives forever. Your outstanding patience, and character showed bright, and I am sure it will follow you all of your days.

    I am still under the believe, there should be an investigation into what really happened to get Lee Benched after a stellar 9 game performance. Something does not smell just right. I urge the University to conduct a thorough investigation into this bizarre situation before some investigative reporter breaks the real story and LSU gets a pile of manure spread on its Football staff and Administration. Les Miles lack of respect for LSU, the team, alumni, and fans should not be tolerated. That means whether it be Jarrett Lee, coaches, and other players. Miles's ego just can't continue at LSU, I have talked to hundreds of people over the last month, and all say they would never send their kid to play for Miles.

  • MIzzouman

    What do you think of the report of the big blowup bet. Miles and Crowton
    and Hebert's son and some other O-linemen and Russell Shepard be-
    fore the team left the hotel for the game..happ. late Mon. PM..

    • Michael

      My sources told me there was no truth to it and provided a timeline of when it supposedly happened, as reported on the independent blog that first reported it, that would have equated to the blowup taking place on the bus on the way to the game.