The Livingston Sheriff’s department said that on November 30th, between 5:15AM and 10:00AM, a home in Denham Springs, Louisiana was broken into and a collection of 24 individual LSU and SEC Championship rings were stolen.

The victim asked that the Sheriff’s department do as much as possible to find the rings before releasing the information about the crime to the public, obviously, the time has come.

Apparently, the owner of the rings has the name ‘Wagner’ engraved on the inside of every ring. The owner estimates that the collection is worth 50,000$, but says that the value isn’t monetary, but sentimental.

“My inclination is that this person just had no clue what they were breaking into when they found these rings. I think they figured they probably hit the jackpot, so to speak.” “We don’t know for sure, but I feel like that they did not necessarily know who lived at this home.”

“He is not just a collector,” Rushing said. “The value is not just monetary. It’s sentimental, also.”

As the owner of NO LSU Championship rings myself, I cannot relate to losing 50,000$ worth of them, but I’d probably broadcast it every where I could and not wait 3 months before letting the world know to look for them. (Only in Livingston Parish)


LSU championship rings

2012 BCS Championship ring, not seen in this collection, has been located at T-Town Menswear. PAAAWWWLLLL!!!

Anyone with information concerning this crime or the location of the rings is urged to contact the Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office at (800) 443-7681 or Baton Rouge Crimestoppers at (225) 344-7867.

via HT Throw The Flag Blog

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