Fresh Start for Penn State

By | November 10, 2011

That’s what is needed right now.

Last night, John Surma, backed by the Penn State Board of Trustees, announced that both President Graham Spanier and Joe Paterno will not be retaining their positions with the university. (Video after the break)

Shortly afterwards, Penn State students began to take to the streets in support of Paterno. The scene was both powerful and sad. Powerful because a man that has brought so much to the university of Penn State has so much support, but more sad because it seems that these students do not understand why Paterno was let go. They do not understand the magnitude of this story and what it has done to their university in the public eye. They are thinking with football minds and not considering the fact that young kids lives were destroyed by the actions that men DID NOT TAKE. I am appalled at the actions of the Penn State student body, and while I understand that the majority may not be represented, there sure seemed to be a lot of them out there tonight and hopefully they’ll regret their actions one day. I feel for the Penn State alumni that have had to watch this unfold.

The one student who was in support of the firing of Joe Pa, was blasted by fellow students and said he felt unsafe.

The smartest Penn State student interviewed gives the alumni hope that all is not lost

This is the right thing for Penn State to do. Joe Paterno has dictated EVERY thing he has ever done at Penn State. Even in his statement, “the board does not need to focus on me”, he showed that it is all about him,  and that he considers himself to be “Penn State”. For a man that I respect so much, it shows that we, as fans, know very little about these men. We throw our full support behind them through thick and thin, and that is to be questioned of each of us. Joe Paterno was not fired because of what he did, he was fired because of what he didn’t do. Now Penn State can feel that Paterno isn’t going to be the main attraction at the rest of their season’s football games. Now they can start to build their image back. The football program is not in a bad place at all (they are 8-1), but the image of the university, which Joe Pa is the face of, is in shambles.

In my opinion, the best coaching replacement for Paterno is someone from OUTSIDE of the Paterno era. Like the Urban Meyer rumor. Anyone that has a clean image and is not related to Joe.

Overall, today was a sad day. Grown men did nothing to protect the future harm of children, and a legends career ended in a horrible memory. The more that comes out with this story, the more discouraged I get.