Who you got? It appears that, barring an upset by Arkansas or an SEC East team, LSU will be playing for the BCS championship. Question is, who will they be facing?

There are currently two undefeated teams, that if they finish the season undefeated, will easily be up for the free spot over the already beaten Crimson Tide. While, personally, I do believe that Alabama is the second best team in the country, I do not believe they deserve to play for the national championship. Now before all you Bama fans start with the hate, lets reason this out. Bama lost, AT HOME, to the number 1 team in the country that they were favored to beat. Whether or not you believe that this will have any outcome on the final standings doesn’t matter because it will, and it DOES matter.

Now, who will play LSU?

If both Stanford and Oklahoma State go undefeated, who deserves to go? Both have outstanding quarterbacks having potentially Heisman winning seasons. Andrew Luck’s numbers are impressive, but against those PAC 12 defenses do they really win him the Heisman? Probably. Here’s both QB’s numbers.

Luck’s numbers – 194 completions in 272 attempts for 2424 yards and 26 TDs, with 5 interceptions and a QB passer rating of 174.05

Wheeden’s numbers – 282 completions in 391 attempts for 3112 yards and 26 TDs, with 9 interceptions and a QB passer rating of 158.47

Neither’s defense has shown to be unbeatable, but I currently give Stanford the edge in this category.

Schedule? I would think most would agree with me when I say that Oklahoma State has a more impressive record than Stanford considering the PAC 12 is known for its weak defenses out side of USC.

Oklahoma State has wins over then #8 Texas A&M, #22 Texas, and #14 Kansas State. The problem? Nothing. Two of those wins were on the road, not to mention, Oklahoma State has a win over Arizona (37-14) by basically the same amount as Stanford (37-10). Oklahoma State also faces #6 Oklahoma in their last game of the season. This will be the game that determines Oklahoma State’s destiny.

On the other side, Stanford has also faced a few ranked teams, #25 Washington, who we can all agree is probably a little overrated being ranked at all, and #20 USC, who they barely beat in a triple overtime thriller. Stanford does have to face #7 Oregon and then the winner of the PAC 12 South, probably NR (will be ranked at game time if they win out) Arizona State.

Will a conference championship game for the PAC 12 be the difference in whether Stanford is chosen over Oklahoma State? I think it does, but the computers like Oklahoma State and so do the voters (in the poll that counts). Should a team that doesn’t have a conference championship game to play in be penalized for that? If both win out, they’ll be extremely close in every poll.

What about the ground game? Neither team currently has a 1000 yard rusher, but Oklahoma States’ Joseph Randle currently has more yards and more TDs than Stanford’s Stepfan Taylor. Here’s their numbers.

Randle’s numbers – 151 carries for 915 yards and 18 TDs, averaging 6.1 yards per carry

Taylor’s numbers –  147 carries for 891 yards and 8 TDs, averaging 6.1 yards per carry

Oklahoma State WR Justin Blackmon

What about receivers? This is where there is a slight difference. Oklahoma State has a weapon that Stanford does not appear to have an answer for, frankly that no one has an answer for, in Justin Blackmon. While Stanford does have great receivers, none have the standout numbers that Blackmon does. Here’s Blackmon’s numbers versus Stanford’s two receivers Griff Whalen and Coby Fleener.

Blackmon’s numbers – 87 receptions for 1039 yards and 12 TDs, averaging 11.9 yards per catch

Whalen’s numbers –  36 receptions for 534 yards and 2 TDs, averaging 14.8 yards per catch
Fleener’s numbers – 20 receptions for 431 yards and 8 TDs, averaging 21.6 yards per catch

Overall, to play in the BCS championship, I’m going with Oklahoma State. I would like to see Stanford play LSU because I would like to see Andrew Luck face a defense that tough, but I don’t believe that the computers will drop Oklahoma State enough if they beat 1 loss Oklahoma, who is currently ranked higher than 1 loss Oregon.

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