Basketball games move at a fast pace, but not faster than video.

Here’s the two controversial calls from the 72-65 Syracuse win over UNC Asheville that possibly changed the outcome of the game, but didn’t really change the outcome of the game. Got it?

John Adams, the NCAA director of men’s basketball officiating said, “On the lane violation, the inside player, I think it was number 4, his foot in the lane before the shooter releases the free throw. That is a correct call.”

Adams did say that the official did make a mistake on the second missed call.

End of the game tip. This call was obviously wrong and the officials didn’t even try to correct it.

This lane violation was the correct call! No arguments will be accepted.

UNC Asheville lane violation against Syracuse

videos via The Big Lead

Before I start getting hate comments, yes, I do know that there were other things that determined the outcome of the game.

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  • Mike

    Both calls were bull!!

    But it's funny how officiating can justify that lane violation after the fact. The ref was clearly pointing at #3 (not #4) who was crashing the boards – fundamentals that almost lost Syracuse the game! Nice reward, huh..

    • Michael

      Can't argue with that.

    • Millertime

      The player outside the arc in college basketball has the same rules as the shooter-i.e. he cannot enter the inner arc area until the ball hits the rim,just as the shooter cannot enter the lane until it hits.. There were two violations on the play both on the same team. Reggie Miller and the TNT crew who only watch the NBA (Not Basketball Anymore ) league just dont know the rules

  • Dave

    T,he lane violation was a bad call,but on the trich play,he was forced out of bounds and a foul should have been called.

    • Axel

      Dave….if you think Trich was forced out of bounds then your "call" is just as bad as the official's. He clearly lost control of the ball before any contact was made.

  • Axel

    Reggie Miller is an idiot….. if he doesn't understand the rule then he should keep his mouth shut. Let me help you out, Rule 9-1-2g "Players not in a legal marked lane space shall remain behind the free-throw line extended and behind the three-point field-goal line until the ball strikes the ring, flange or backboard, or until the free throw ends."

  • sacred_dog

    what about the end of the FIRST half? I don't care about either of these teams, but it convinces me that there is money making the difference in the calls. Corruption, welcome to March Madness.