Weekend Recap: Bryce Harper’s first at-bat

By | April 30, 2012

We’re going to try something new for a while. Mondays and Thursdays you’ll be getting a morning post full of wonderful links to visit. Make sure you do.

Video: Bryce Harper’s first MLB at-bat…made wonderful by Vin Scully [Deadspin]

College Football

Tim Tebow talks Ohio State football and Urban Meyer [VIDEO] | Throw The Flag

The word of the day is ‘playoff,’ and it’s coming (relatively) soon to a field near you | Yahoo Sports

April Showers good for A&M’s spring game? | College Football Talk

[Old, but worth it] This is David Wilson’s Whip. | The Key Play

Six Years of Crazy Detailed Michigan Receiving Stats | MGoBlue

Other Sports

Here’s an Awkward TV Moment Between Chris Mortensen and Adam Schefter at the NFL Draft | The Big Lead

Feeling Goodell: Who Hugged The NFL Commissioner Longest At Last Night’s Draft? | Deadspin

Not Sports

Space Shuttle flying over New York [UPROXX]

Space Shuttle flying over NY

‘Plus-Sized’ College Student Claims Discrimination at Bar | ABC News

The Man Who Hacked Hollywood | GQ

Party poopers eye unhappy hour | New York Post

[NSFW] Samuel L. Jackson’s ‘Other’ Siri Commercial Strikes A Quite Familiar Tone | UPROXX

MIT students turn one of their buildings into a giant game of ‘Tetris’ | Guyism

Miller Lite punch top can …. Don’t all cans do this? Did they make it easier for sissies or something? Stupid.

Chicks and Cars

The Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Wei Long | Brosome

Dutch Court Continues to Ruin Everything, Upholds Law Preventing Sale of Cannabis to Tourists | Gawker

[NSFW] Bryci is Half Naughty, Half Nice and All Canadian | The Smoking Jacket

[NSFW] Jordan Carver Boobtastic Trophy Wife Swimsuit Hotness | Egotastic