We already reported on the Colorado State players that were involved in an altercation with other CSU students, now two of those players may be in a little more trouble.

Police have been investigating the players after their involvement in the fight, and have turned up some interesting stuff. According to the Denver Post, anabolic steroids have been found at two of the players, Mike Orakpo, brother of Brian, and Colton Paulhus’ residences.

Included in the 90-page police report was a description of foil packages marked as anabolic steroids that were found in Paulhus’ residence, along with hypodermic needles labeled with a prescription made out to Paulhus. Paulhus, who told police he had a prescription to take the steroids to treat low testosterone levels, could not produce the prescription but did admit to police the content of what they found.

In Orakpo’s room, police found nine unmarked vials (eight in a refrigerator) as well as syringes, three of which were used. They were sent to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation for testing, according to the report. When interviewed along with attorney Erik Fischer by the police, Orakpo was asked if those vials could present a problem for him. Fischer interjected and said they could but disagreed with their being collected as evidence.

Anabolic steroids are a Schedule 3 drug in Colorado, and possession of them is a felony with the first offense punishable by two to six years in prison and fines of 2,000$ to 500,000$.

Marijuana paraphernalia was also found at both residences, and was found where Paulhus lives, but couldn’t be tied to any of the players directly because they have roommates.

The news just isn’t getting any better for former Alabama Offensive Coordinator, now CSU Head Coach Jim McElwain.

[HT TheBigLead, Denver Post]

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