It’s pretty simple to see that LaMichael James and Willie Lyles are a match made in heaven, I mean we did post on them yesterday, so why post again today?

Well, it seems that Mr Lyles keeps tabs on what’s being written about him, even on smaller sites like this one. It’s interesting enough that I figured I’d share it with those of you who don’t follow us on twitter (links everywhere).

Apparently Mr Lyles saw the little write-up about his attending James’ party…and liked it? Not sure why though, considering the write-up doesn’t really portray him in a good light. Guess he doesn’t care that his shady recruiting sales have brought problems to certain schools that have chosen to fall into his trap.

Yes, only one person favorited this tweet. Lyles himself. As a matter of fact, he favorited and retweeted a lot of tweets yesterday that are just like this one.


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