If you didn’t realize it, Aaron Rodgers’ little bro is playing college football for the Vanderbilt Commodores. So I pose the question, without considering the Quarterback that Aaron has become, which is hard to do and I’ve obviously considered him because I’m writing this post, who do you think is the better COLLEGE Quarterback Also, can we judge a younger brother’s potential based on an older brother’s success?

Who you got?

Before you make a choice, lets review their numbers and stats.

Aaron played in the offense friendly PAC12
Jordan plays in the defense heavy SEC

Games Comp Att Comp % Yards TDs INTs Rating
Aaron Rodgers 25 424 665 63.8 5469 43 13 150.3
Jordan Rodgers 8 80 155 51.6 1166 7 6 122.0

Jordan didn’t start the first 4 games this season, but has simply had a good season since taking over the starting job, and one could make a case that because little bro Jordan plays in the SEC, he is facing tougher competition than Aaron did in the PAC12. If you get a chance, watch Jordan play this weekend against Tennessee. You may be watching a future NFL star.

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