CBS Sports is reporting that Boise State may not join the Big East because the majority of their sports were to move the WAC. The WAC’s future is up in the air right now thanks to CUSA and the MWC raiding them.

The Broncos have signed a contract to join the Big East so they would have to pay a $5 million exit fee if they did not join the Big East before July 1, 2013. If the Broncos leave the Big East on or after July 1, 2013, they must provide 27 months notice and pay a $10 million exit fee.

This puts Boise in a precarious situation as most of their smaller sports will not be able to afford the travel required for a move to the Big East.

MWC commissioner Craig Thompson said last Friday Boise State could not keep its non-football sports in the Mountain West and move its football program to the Big East, but could remain in the MWC as a full member. The MWC added San Jose State and Utah State, giving the league 10 football members in 2013, but Thompson added “I think there is room [for Boise State and San Diego State] at the table.”

While staying in the MWC is an option, Boise should explore a move to the Big 12 even though the MWC has added Utah State and San Jose State.

This may open the door for the Big 12 to try to lure Boise to join along with the rumored Florida State, which would be the best option for both Boise and the Big 12.

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