Boise State may not join Big East

By | May 11, 2012

CBS Sports is reporting that Boise State may not join the Big East because the majority of their sports were to move the WAC. The WAC’s future is up in the air right now thanks to CUSA and the MWC raiding them.

The Broncos have signed a contract to join the Big East so they would have to pay a $5 million exit fee if they did not join the Big East before July 1, 2013. If the Broncos leave the Big East on or after July 1, 2013, they must provide 27 months notice and pay a $10 million exit fee.

This puts Boise in a precarious situation as most of their smaller sports will not be able to afford the travel required for a move to the Big East.

MWC commissioner Craig Thompson said last Friday Boise State could not keep its non-football sports in the Mountain West and move its football program to the Big East, but could remain in the MWC as a full member. The MWC added San Jose State and Utah State, giving the league 10 football members in 2013, but Thompson added “I think there is room [for Boise State and San Diego State] at the table.”

While staying in the MWC is an option, Boise should explore a move to the Big 12 even though the MWC has added Utah State and San Jose State.

This may open the door for the Big 12 to try to lure Boise to join along with the rumored Florida State, which would be the best option for both Boise and the Big 12.

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8 thoughts on “Boise State may not join Big East

  1. No thanks

    Only someone from Idaho would say Boise State is a better option for the Big XII than many of their current options. Notre Dame, BYU, FSU, Clemson, Georgia Tech, Cincy, and L’ville have all been rumored and all are better options for the Big XII than Smurf Turf.

  2. awries

    There is not way Notre Dame or BYU are entering the Big East. As much as I agree with you that Notre Dame would be better off joining a real league and leaving the Big East why would thy join the Big 12 just to be ruled by the whims of Tejas and play opponents like Iowa State, TCU and Kansas forget about it. They’ll go to the ACC or B1G first. BYU’s philosophy doesn’t mesh with the rest of the Big 12. It doesn’t mesh with any other league either so that’s why BYU is going to remain in the no-mans-land of independence for a while.

  3. Michael Post author

    Notre Dame is not joining a conference for as long as they don’t have to. BYU won’t join either. As awries pointed out, Texas is in charge of the Big 12 and to expect Notre Dame to let the Longhorns rule them is dumb. Clemson and Georgia Tech are staying put in the ACC where they have a shot at BCS games, or blowouts. FSU, Louisville, and Boise are all viable options for the Big 12 at the moment.

  4. Lonestar_Jayhawk

    There will never be an ACC team playing for a national championship in the proposed BCS Final Four. The Strength of Schedule rating (SOS) will keep any ACC team from advancing. It is designed to have the B1G, SEC, Big12 and the PAC12 play. If Clemson, Georgia Tech or FSU ever want to play for a NCAA championship they better join the Big12.

    As for Boise State, they don’t bring enough to the Big12 to be considered. If they were not asked to join the Big12 two years ago, they will never be invited. Rejoin the Mountain West before it’s too late.

  5. NJPirate

    I am hoping Boise leaves the Big East and the rediculous house of cards the football wannabes like Rutgers and Louisville tried to cobble together will be once again left out in the cold. If the Presidents from the remaining 8 basketball only schools (including Notre Dame) have any sense at all, they would pay Boise’s exit fee for them, call their friends at Holy Cross (or BC, even better), Loyola-Baltimore, Fairfield, Dayton, Xavier, Creighton, St Louis and Detroit and start their own 16 team Catholic conference covering every major media market in the northeast and midwest. Give the football schools the conference brand name, keep the Garden for the tournament, and stop kicking the can down the road. How would Notre Dame feel if you could throw the baseketball package in with its football package for television rights? Not a bad position to be in. Enough with the patchwork quilt.

  6. James Berry III

    Did anyone read the article? They are having problems matching their smaller sports teams with their distance/mileage budgets with opposing teams distances. This is simple people, only the Big 10 is viable considering they offer evenly split compensation for membership (Big 12 most definetely won’t),Big East travel drain on finances, and let’s face it, if we’ve learned anything over the last couple years it’s all ALL ABOUT the BENJAMINS folks, and the MWC have no challenges to the BCS crown/championship, plus Big Ten is a football haven, and decent distances except Penn State (no situation is perfect) but could alternate every other meeting. Considering all that the Big 10 is at least viable, makes them noticeable, profitable, and manageable when it comes to travel. Problem solved. Great work TEAM BLOG!!!

  7. cal mercer

    I hope BSU. does not join the big east, I can see no advantage in doing so

  8. Tagaroni

    I never liked the idea of Boise State Joining the Big East as constructed. The Big East should have divided its conference into divisions like the Big East Western Division where western schools would be in it playing one another allowing travel costs to be low. Having a champsionship game that put the western winner against the Eastern winner. So in the western division, All teams in MWC along with houston etc….
    If that isn’t in the cards, them maybe Boise should just remain a big fish in a small pond and keep up their winning traditions!

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