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This site was formed from the need to express our opinions outside of the regular social media sites. In it’s first few months, College Football Section has grown tremendously. When this site was started, I had one goal in mind, relay news that you don’t see anywhere else AND give you opinions. While there are sites out there that bring you news not seen on ESPN, a lot of these sites do not go into details and give their opinions on situations, this site does. You will get unbiased, most of the time, opinions on pretty much everything about college football. Games, conferences, coaches, teams, fans, recruiting, there is nothing that will not be covered. During the off-season, we will also cover college basketball and baseball. There will be NO PRO SPORTS covered on this site. We love college!

The site’s potential really wasn’t known until we teamed up with YardBarker. In the first 3 months since starting the site, we’ve tripled our readership and are still growing. We have since been seen on sites like Bleacher Report, Deadspin, FoxSports, Huffington Post, TheBigLead (obvious), Busted Coverage, Yahoo!’s Dr Saturday, SB Nation, Outkick the Coverage, and Larry Brown Sports.

We do run several ad campaigns because there is no reason not to. If you do not like an ad, or approve of an ad, please feel free to take a screenshot and send it to us via email, although we highly doubt the ads will bother you. We will make sure it is not seen on the site again.

Just remember that because I am no longer behind a screen name doesn’t mean that I, or any of the other writers, will stand for any verbal abuse beyond what is socially acceptable. We have feelings too, even if we don’t care about yours.

You, as a commenter, have the right to remain anonymous. We do, however, reserve the right to delete, edit, or ban any of you for whatever reason. Just remember, we are people and we do make mistakes, typos, and sometimes completely forget what we are talking about.

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Who we are


Owner @ College Football Section. LSU Fan. I am a perfectionist, and this site is my drug. I enjoy photoshop and pretty much just sharing my opinion on all things college football, basketball, and baseball. If you feel something is out-of-place or you think something I’ve said is out of line, feel free to let me hear about it … not saying I’ll respond, but it’s worth a shot right? I have strong opinions and will not hesitate to say something if I believe it is worth sharing. 90% of the content on this site will be from me. I hope you enjoy it, and if you don’t … I don’t really care, just keep reading.

Michael has left us for greener pastures. His contributions will be limited.

Duke Vu – LSMav

LSU and KU alumn. Big 12 specialist. Legal.


Anonymous Big 10 poster. @PinkBelt, as he is currently called on this site and NOT ON TWITTER, is here to offer a perspective from the B1G. He pretty much loves Jim Delany, even though he may not admit it. His writing style is both informative and satirical. You’ll enjoy it, just trust me.

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Did you see something we missed? Did we get something wrong? Do you not like that we called your mascot a mascot and not a “symbol”? We’re all on Twitter and you can contact us through this page too.