Alabama’s “Be a Champion” wall outside the locker room

Alabama has already begun pumping up their players for the 2012 season. The goal? REPEAT!

This time without a re-match!

This is currently set up outside of the Crimson Tide locker room. The teams are aligned in order of playing date starting at the bottom and ending with Auburn. The Tide and Nick Saban are trying for a third BCS title in four years, a feat not yet achieved by any school. The Tide did tie Florida’s record of 2 BCS titles in 3 years.

Alabama "Be a Champion" outside the locker room


  • While I think Bama has a lot of talent left, the others in the SEC are getting over their slump, and I think its going to be a lot more difficult this time, and…as usual, they get another break with Petrino's trouble at Arkansas. Still, they and LSU will be tough.

    Bama wont get another rematch if they fail in the regular season once again.

    Go Gators