Boise State’s stadium upgrades are, by all means, spectacular

In old and regurgitated news…

You won’t find too much love for Boise State here outside of the upset over Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl. It’s not that we/I don’t like Boise, but more that we/I don’t like the fact that Boise has been slow to join the conference movement and play the big boys REGULARLY.

Well, today we/I have new respect for Boise. The Broncos are upgrading Bronco Stadium, which is quite pathetic by all accounts because it resembles a giant high school field with a track around it. Probably because it is a giant high school field with a track around it.

The stadium currently seats less than 35,000 (largest crowd 34,196), but the upgrades will put the stadium in the 53,000 seat range. MUCH BETTER if they can fill it.

Two pictures of the construction in progress from @BadWillHunting


Here is what the final product will look like.

  1. The first step in the expansion plan involves finishing the track and high school football facility on the former East Junior High site, thus allowing for removal of the track at Bronco Stadium. Lowering the playing surface will provide 3,300 field-level seats.
  2. Next, a wall of 13,200 seats in the north end zone would replace the current bleachers. A two-story football facility would be located underneath the grandstand.
  3. Finally, completion of the horseshoe in the south end zone would add additional suites on the east side of the stadium.

And here’s a gif of the stages of the upgrade.

Yes, we know it’s not brand new news, but come on, aren’t you dying for football season too?

  • Boise State’s stadium upgrades are, by all means, spectacular

  • joe

    Good right up!

    Just one thing.

    Boise would love to join the pac, big 12 or any super conference but they have never ben invited and likely won’t be. That is why they are headed to the big east.

    Trying to keep up off the field so tjey can continue to win on it.

  • JB

    Sorry, but this isn’t even accurate. Those expansion plans are old and out-dated. Boise State is not going to lower the field and add seats along the sidelines…due to water table issues caused by the stadium’s proximity to the Boise River, it is not cost-effective to do this. Also, Boise State just build a new track complex…the old endzone bleachers were removed and placed in the new facility. They are adding new permanent bleachers to each endzone which will add a total of just over 3k more seats. Capacity will be just over 37k…not 53k. Building codes will not allow them to fill in the upper decks in the endzones because of the angle (or slant) at which they were originally constructed. Also, the football complex in the north endzone has changed dramatically from the one shown in the renderings…google it and you will see that they aren’t even close.


    • Michael

      Great. Googled “Boise State Stadium Expansion” and 1-6 come up with what I’ve said. Care to provide a link to something updated? I’d run a story on it, otherwise this will be all Boise gets on here.

  • If you look at the north end zone football complex in the rendering that you posted (the 2010 plans), and then look at the new football complex currently under construction here: then you will see that they are vastly different. Also if you look at a photo of the new north end zone under construction here,, then you will see that they are not the same. The northwest corner of the NEZ (north endzone) is curved to match the lower part of the west side stands. And there is a gap in the NW corner for emergency vehicle, which is not in the older plans. Why BSU hasn’t released new renderings? No one knows.