Rutgers to Honor Hurricane Sandy Victims with Spring Game Uniforms

Rutgers Uniform Sandy

Rutgers football team will recognize the victims on Hurricane Sandy with a specially designed uniform for the Spring football game Saturday, April 27. The state of New Jersey was particularly hard hit by last year’s storm.

Instead of player names the jerseys will have the names of 90 New Jersey town affected by hurricane. The helmets will be scarlet with a black silhouette on the state of New Jersey and the word “STRONG” printed across it. The word is printed in white lettering with the letter “R” represented as the traditional Rutgers “R”.

The helmets have the same design as the R Strong t-shirts Scarlet Fever and Rutgers are selling to raise money for the Sandy New Jersey Relief Fund. So far, the R Strong shirts have raised $148,000.

Rutgers Uniform Sandy

H/T @RFootball


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